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The Ultimate Paver Material for Your Project

As one of the oldest stones in the world, granite is undeniably the preferred material for landscaping and construction purposes. It is used in multiple applications like stairways, pool copings, driveways, and patios. What makes this stone a favorite? Granite is highly durable, slip resistant, unmatched aesthetics, is a sustainable building material, is heat resistant, and versatile.

The innate beauty of granite pavers feels ethereal. They effortlessly enhance your patios, walkways, or any space they are installed in, as they have the ability to blend in with all surroundings. For their neatness and elegance, granite pavers make an excellent choice for formal outdoor spaces; whether that be a modern design or something rustic or contemporary.

A Hot Trend, Cool Under Foot

Granite stone paving is highly durable and stands up to many years of heavy foot traffic without losing it’s original colour. It’s a paving stone that is not easily subject to shifting, buckling, or cracking. Granite paving isn’t even affected by changing weather. It is resistant to wear, scratches, and chipping. It’s a good choice for fire pits or BBQ areas because it is heat-resistant and fireproof.

Granite pavers allow that with their heat resistance property. They are non-combustible and completely fireproof, which translates into no cracking ever! Even on hot summer days, granite remains cool, and is not too hot to walk on. They are conveniently used around fireplaces as well. Go on, plan that gathering, enjoy the barbeque party, and leave the rest to granite pavers.

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