Wall Stone

Wall Stone

Stone walls have long been considered one of the most prominent symbols of New England. At one point in the mid-1800s, experts estimate there were about 240,000 miles of these stone walls across New England. Natural stone walls are the perfect complement to your landscaping. Utilize stone walls to define your outdoor living spaces and garden beds. A natural stone retaining wall creates a wonderful maintenance-free property border.

If you are looking to add a touch of rustic New England charm to your house or yard, Swenson can assist you with selecting the right type of stone and style of craftsmanship to suit your needs. At Swenson they strive to provide you with the best possible experience with your project, big or small. Just as stone walls come in many different shapes and sizes, so does the stone at Swenson Stone Works. Whether you seek the rustic and natural character of natural rough wall stone, or the modern look of stacked garden wall, we have what you need.


  • Stone walls artfully arranged around a landscape give it shape and balance.
  • Stone walls look lovely in your yard and stay pretty year-round, aging gracefully and charming the eye for years.
  • Swenson Garden Walls are extremely versatile for design, these genuine natural stone wall components can be easily sawn or split to length on-site by masonry contractors.
  • There are various materials, colors, and styles to choose from 100% natural stone sourced in North America.

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Natural Stone Stacked Walls Will Elevate Your Landscaping

Putting up walls can be a good thing! Incorporating natural stone rustic stacked walls into your landscape can serve as a boundary but also as a design element for the ages. The unique variation in each piece of stone creates a one-of-a-kind appearance in the finished wall.

Diversity of width and height add to the character of the landscape as you build with natural stone. With a variety of natural stone products available at Swenson Stone Works, the creative possibilities for your outdoor getaway are virtually limitless. Building a dry stack wall is a labor of love, that will add charm to your home as well as add value to your property.

Take It Up A Notch: Create Modern Outdoor Living Rooms With Natural Stone Garden Walls

Garden walls can serve as impromptu seating for gatherings and help delineate outdoor “rooms,” separating dining from seating areas and giving flowers and shrubs a natural background against which to shine. Not only will a low wall help create visual interest in your hardscape setting, but it also helps add depth to your living space and is ideal for shallow floral beds and landscaping elements.

Garden walls are a dry-stacked, non-retaining wall product. They are sold by weight on pallets, delivered in random lengths, and can be cut or split on-site for precise field measurements and project yield. Swenson Stone Works garden walls add instant character to any landscape design and provide depth and a durable accent for hardscaping stairs or treads.

The walls come in 3′′ and 6′′ nominal heights and a consistent 8′′ nominal depth.

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