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The Value of Granite Posts in Your Yard

There are certain basics your home needs in the yard – a mailbox, a fence and lighting. Don’t skimp when it comes to these essentials. By putting in a granite post made to last, you’ll have comfort in knowing not only will they last, but they will add aesthetic value that will boost your home’s curb appeal.

If you look around your yard, you will suddenly realize the various ways posts can provide functionality, and a beautiful design element – lampposts, fence posts and your mailbox post all lend to the overall look and curb appeal of your home. They also frame property lines, pools, gateways, and driveways for protection and decorative touches.

New England Curb Appeal Doesn’t Stop At The Front Door

The front of your home is more than just paint, trim and steps. You can create a stunning New England look with aesthetic details around your property that bring beauty and value to your curb appeal; such as the addition of a granite mailbox post, granite lamp post, granite fence posts, and granite hitching posts.

You may have noticed that neighborhoods across the northeast have certain features that are quintessential hallmarks of New England style. One of them is the use of granite as a building stone due to it’s longevity, durability and deep roots in New England history.

Available Stones

Woodbury Gray
Cambrian Black®
Deer Isle
Autumn Pink
Bethel White®

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