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A Natural Stone Veneer Is the Perfect Accent to Your Home

The unmatched beauty of genuine stone makes it the ideal accent for any aesthetic: modern, rustic, farmhouse, or minimalist. With natural stone veneers you can incorporate that same impactful look in more ways than ever. Natural stone is a timeless choice for home improvement projects. It’s an authentic choice for everything from home exteriors to fireplaces, and living rooms to outdoor kitchens.

And granite, limestone, and marble from Swenson’s exclusive quarries in North America are durable, sustainable, and virtually maintenance-free. Natural stone veneer options are versatile enough to achieve the aesthetic, performance, and budgetary goals of your home project.

A Combination Of Beauty And Permanence For A Lasting Impression

Natural stone veneer can give your home instant curb appeal and the immediate impression of high quality. Other veneer products on the market may claim to be the most ‘believable’ architectural stone available, but they are simply products attempting to impersonate real stone. The man-made, cookie-cutter veneers are manufactured from concrete, aggregates, and colorants which pale in comparison to the organic beauty of genuine natural stone such as granite, limestone, and marble.

And no other product is more suitable for exterior applications than the one that originates from the outdoors itself. Authentic quarried stone siding is crafted by nature to withstand the elements and will provide lasting beauty and permanence for generations to come. Envision your driveway pillars, house foundation, patio fireplace, and jacuzzi all clad in natural stone veneer.

Available Stones

Indiana Limestone – Full Color Blend
South Bay
Boston Blend

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