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  • Do you offer installation services?

    We install a set of steps onto a prepared base, or a mailbox or lamp post into a pre-dug hole.

    Watch our step installation video here. 

  • Do you dig the holes for mailbox and lamp posts?

    We do not dig the holes, due to a number of factors, though we do offer instructions. Contacting Dig Safe by calling 811 before you dig is imperative and the law.

    Learn more about digging holes for granite posts here.

  • What size hole should be dug to install a granite post?

    You need a 30″ deep hole (top to bottom) that is 12″ to 18″ in diameter (side to side) for most of our post installations. You can download the digging instructions from our website or get them from your nearest Swenson Stone Works location. You must also call Dig Safe at 811 before you dig, so they can mark any underground utilities.

    Learn more about digging holes for granite posts here.

  • Can you load my mailbox post into my vehicle?

    We can, though the post is 7 feet long and weighs 400 pounds, so you’ll want to be sure your vehicle can handle that length/weight safely, and that you can still close the rear door.

  • Do you come onsite to take measurements?

    We don’t have the personnel available to visit your site, but we will work with you via phone, email, and in person to ensure you have the right material and sizing for your needs.

  • Do you prepare the pads for step installations?

    We do require you to prepare the step base. We have instruction sheets for you and also a list of contractors who could help.

    Learn more about how to create a concrete or gravel pad for granite steps here. 

  • What is the cost of a set of steps?

    Step set prices vary, depending on what you need for your project. A typical 4′ x 3′ landing with 2 steps starts at $1,050.00 for the material, plus delivery and installation charge, if needed.

    Download our Price List for more information.

  • What is the difference between “split” face and “rock” face?

    Both finishes are rough, though rock face is a bolder finish created by hand with a hammer and chisel. You can see the difference on our website, under the ‘Steps & Treads’ section. Visiting your nearest Swenson Stone Works location is even better, as we have displays to see and touch.

    Find your nearest retail store here.

  • How much do granite steps/treads weigh per square foot?

    7″ thick granite steps weigh approximately 100 pounds per square foot, and 2″ thick treads weigh approximately 28 pounds per square foot.

  • Do you install handrails on granite steps?

    No, we don’t offer handrails or installation of them. Please contact your nearest Swenson Stone Works location for local recommendations for handrails.

    Find contact information for retails stores here.

  • Do you come onsite and measure current steps for pricing on new granite steps?

    We don’t have the personnel available to visit your site, but we will work with you via phone, email, and in-person at our retail stores to ensure you have the right material and sizing for your needs.

  • How far can you reach with the crane?

    Approximately 20 feet from the back of the truck. We have to be able to back up within that distance without driving over a leach field, septic system, irrigation, soft soil, fresh asphalt, etc.

  • Do you have the equipment to load vehicles on site?

    Yes, we have forklifts that can load into pickup trucks, dump trucks, trailers, and even SUVs for certain items.

  • What is the average amount of time for product delivery?

    Usually within 1-2 weeks, as long as material is in stock.

  • Do you install patios or stonewalls?

    We install a set of steps onto a prepared base, or a mailbox or lamp post, but not patios or stone walls. We do have contractor reference lists at each of our locations to help with your search.

  • Do you do take-offs on plans?

    We prefer a cut list with all sizes and finishes, but can work with your set of plans that you bring to us.

  • Can you make cuts on site?

    We do not provide cutting services at our Swenson Stone Works locations. All of our production happens at our Barre, Vermont production facility.

  • Can we schedule an appointment to come see you?

    You do not need an appointment, and we do not set them, since we are a retail operation, but we will do our best to accommodate your schedule.

  • Do you produce countertops?

    Swenson Stone Works does not fabricate or sell countertops, but our parent company, Polycor, has a complete line of countertop materials and fabricators to assist with your countertop needs.

    Please visit this page to learn more.

  • Do you produce monuments and headstones?

    We do not produce monuments or headstones, but each of our 10 retail locations has recommendations for local monument companies, so please reach out to your nearest Swenson Stone Works store and we will help you.

  • Do you sell concrete products?

    We sell only natural stone, nothing manmade.

  • What do you recommend for removing grease stains from granite?

    Each Swenson Stone Works store carries a K2-R spot lifter, which is a spray can solution that we’ve had good luck with on oil/grease stains in the past. Spray it on, let it dry to a white powder, then sweep it off. It may require multiple applications. The cost is $13.50 per can.

  • Where do your granites come from?

    Our granites come from North America.

  • Do you provide quarry tours?

    Unfortunately, we do not provide quarry tours in Concord, New Hampshire or in Woodbury, Vermont. Rock Of Ages provides a quarry tour through their visitor’s center in Barre, Vermont. Please check their website for details:

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