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Bluestone Pavers Offer Natural Earth-Tones & Contemporary Aesthetics

Bluestone for patios is durable, attractive, and ideal for all kinds of uses. Bluestone pavers have long been used in hardscaping, but the natural stone can be used for pool decks, walkways, or entryways.

Bluestone pavers come in several sizes and shapes: they may be cut in uniform sizes such as squares, or rectangles, or they might be cut for a more natural look with jagged edges and irregular shapes. What you use in your paving project is a matter of taste, although the irregular sizes lend themselves to more free-form designs such as walkways and stepping stones. Uniform pieces will be easier to work with, of course, since mapping out the area to cover will require less work.

Bluestone is durable and will last many years. Its natural earth-tone colors are gracious and attractive and complement almost any landscape. Its rough surface also means that it rarely gets slick or slippery.

Natural Stone Bluestone Pavers Can Withstand the Elements

Pavers crafted out of bluestone are highly versatile and durable. This is because of the natural stone’s dense and hard composition. These pavers can be used to surround any swimming pool as they are non-slip. This versatility makes the pavers suitable for various applications. These pavers also add beauty to residential or commercial properties and give off an elegant and classy aesthetic appeal.

Moreover, bluestone pavers come in various colors. These stones would surely blend in any traditional or contemporary setting. These pavers are also very easy to maintain. However, one must make sure to seal these pavers so that it would be difficult for dirt, oil, or grime to penetrate them. Bluestone can tolerate all kinds of weather and temperature fluctuations—you can incorporate it into your landscape wherever you live, whether you endure snow and ice or desert heat.

Before choosing your bluestone pavers, first, decide whether you want irregular pavers or uniform-size pavers. Bluestone generally is 1 inch to 1.5 inches thick. Typically, a palette of 1.5-inch bluestone pavers will cover about 180 square feet, while 1-inch-thick bluestone pavers will cover approximately 220 square feet.

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