7 Ways To Turn Your Home Into A Staycation Resort

Warm weather, a change of scenery, and a few days of relaxation – you’ve waited all year for that summer vacation. However, it’s not always easy to skip town for a getaway. It can be a hassle carving out a block of time and taking off work for a week or two, not to mention the airfare, hotel, and rental car costs. And the big travel extravaganza is more hectic than relaxing, (isn’t relaxation supposed to be the whole point of vacationing in the first place?) Fortunately, traveling isn’t your only vacation option… there’s also the “staycation” – a vacation spent at home. Yes, you can actually feel like you are on vacation without leaving home. You can even turn every weekend into a staycation. But in order to make your staycation feel as much like a real getaway as possible, your home will need to have certain elements. It’s far too easy to get sucked back into work or the household chores, so it’s best to spend most of your time outside. Revamp your humble backyard into a dream destination. Leave the phone and laptop behind and step outside (shoes optional). Here are seven ways to turn your home into a staycation resort.

Beautiful swimming pool

This stunning outdoor natural stone fireplace creates a cozy space to kick back and lounge. Back Meadow Fieldstone, bluestone hearth and mantel.

In the installation above the fireplace wall conveniently allows plenty of storage for firewood and creates a natural separation from the raised planting area. Bluestone pavers elevate the look of the patio like a well-chosen area rug does for an indoor living room.Those summer nights can get chilly, but rather than retreating indoors to end the day, bring those inside elements out. An outdoor fireplace adds warmth to your patio and gives you one more reason to enjoy being outside. It will also give you a longer outdoor living season.Fieldstone is a beautiful, strong and durable material for an outdoor fireplace.


Backyard Fire Pit

Swenson’s fire pit is the perfect DIY kit. Made from Woodbury Gray granite, with a 30” diameter cast iron ring and tilt back cooking grate included. There are 16 blocks per tier. Each block weighs roughly 50 lbs. It’s the DIY project you can complete before dark.You don’t need a tent set up in the middle of the woods to enjoy a campfire. Add a lo-boy granite seat around your fire pit and create a campfire getaway in your own backyard. What a perfect way to end the night. Then you can go straight to your comfortable bed, rather than a sleeping bag or air mattress. Wake up refreshed and ready to start the next day of your staycation.

This fire pit is certainly one of a kind. The granite oceanfront seating area and fire pit were crafted from reclaimed granite. Project by Great Works Landscaping.


Vibrant Flowers

Annual flowers line the entrance to this Rye, NH home. The outdoor living space is anchored with custom cut Woodbury Gray granite pavers. A Woodbury gray rock face step was used on the back deck. Project by Great Works Landscaping.

Give life to your backyard with a beautiful flower garden, or plant flowers along a walkway. Flowers add color and joy to your yard, so you can be aesthetically pleased during your staycation.

Add a crisp border for your garden with stone edging to keep landscaping manicured. From cut granite to rustic cobblestones, Swenson has many options to fit your unique site.

A granite walkway bordered with annuals in vibrant reds and purples runs along the east side of the pool, connecting the houses at this Martha’s Vineyard estate. Project by Jonathan Keep Landscape Design. Your local Swenson Granite store can help you enjoy relaxation all summer long without having to leave home by working with you to choose your features and plan the project from start to finish. We can help you with choosing your stone, custom one-of-a-kind projects, and give you tips for DIY projects.