Rockford Estate Blend®

Rockford Estate Blend®

This lightly tumbled, split-face stone embodies the charm and elegance of old-world architecture. Rockford Estate Blend® veneer is a timeless choice for applications such as seating walls, outdoor kitchens, fireplaces, chimneys, or exterior siding.

Rockford Estate Blend® is a naturally split and tumbled genuine stone siding product. Available in Indiana Limestone – Full Color Blend™ thin veneer, Rockford Estate Blend series has a sense of permanence that can only be found in natural stone.

Rockford Estate Blend® veneers offer a robust option for your architectural design vision, whether it be for homes, offices, or other commercial building projects.

Genuine thin stone veneer can be custom chiseled, cut, or split in the field to create special designs or to fit into certain spaces where edges could be exposed, with no need to worry about exposed aggregates unlike precast concrete products.


  • Best-In-Class Quality – Rockford Estate Blend® is the iconic building material you need to bring your design to life. Rockford Estate Blend® is a maintenance-free, natural building stone.
  • Classic Complement – As the classic complement to brick and other building materials, Rockford Estate Blend® adds a sense of permanence and distinction to the design. A full bed thickness lightly tumbled veneer with a natural range of complementary colors and sizes can enhance almost every brick color. The natural variations of color, texture, and finish of Rockford Estate Blend® enhance any residential or commercial architectural style.
  • Quick Turnaround – Polycor Hardscapes and Masonry offers a quick turnaround on all of our products. Making it easy to incorporate genuine natural stone into your next hardscape design.
  • Delivery, Storage, and Handling
  • Packaged in a bulk bag on a pallet base
  • Expected coverage 45 sq ft/ton

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Rockford Estate Blend® Specification

Flats – Rockford Estate Blend
– Tumbled front, sawn balance, multiple heights
150 sq. ft. crate 25 sq. ft. cratevaries
Corner – Rockford Estate Blend
– Tumbled front, sawn balance, multiple heights
150 l.f. crate 25 l.f. cratevaries

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