Introducing, The Sleek Square Fire Pit from Swenson Granite Works

After a year of spending more time than ever indoors, homeowners are upgrading their outdoor living spaces and making them the center of activity and a focal point for families and friends. One common backyard improvement is the addition of a granite fire pit. Whether you’re looking to entertain guests or enjoy down time at the end of a long day, a granite fire pit is an essential addition to any home that can be enjoyed during all seasons and is quick to assemble.

Swenson Granite Works has the perfect DIY granite fire pit kit in a round design, for yard upgrades made simple, and now a new fire pit design has arrived for those looking for a sleek, modern design. Introducing…square fire pits, made from WOODBURY GRAY™ granite with a 28” cast iron insert and tilt back cooking grate. There are 10 blocks per tier, each weighing roughly 70 lbs.

Square fire pits can be custom ordered in CALEDONIA™, CAROLINA CORAL™, AUTUMN PINK™, DEER ISLE, BETHEL WHITE® and CAMBRIAN BLACK®. Visit your local Swenson Granite Works store for pricing information.


Fernanda Pedroso, Polycor Inc.’s Global Vice President of Marketing, explains how the new square design was born. “Part of our job here is to really understand from a research and development standpoint, the needs of our customers, provide them with solutions and determine what our next products will be.” As trends transitioned over the last several years, designs have evolved to suit a more contemporary style.

“You can clearly see a shift towards a modern style in residential homes,” Fernanda says. “This can also be seen outdoors with clean, straight lines. Ten years ago, there were a lot of curved walls, oval shaped pools, and curved landscaping. Outdoor design lines are moving towards a more contemporary look, so bringing this new square fire pit to our line was a way to follow these trends. It has a smooth finish with joints that are very tight, so this product blends seamlessly with the rest of a contemporary yard design.” Now, whether you seek a traditional or modern fire pit design, Swenson Granite Works has a fire pit kit to suit your vision.

Outdoor living is about entertaining and wellbeing. Finding more ways to utilize your outdoor space in the most economical way is an important component to finalizing and finessing the space you do have. The misconception that natural stone is not for everyone is false, Fernanda says. “We have a solution for everyone. I think there is a perception that because it’s natural stone, it’s not attainable for everyone. But in most materials, you will have to replace them repeatedly over the years, while with natural stone, the products will last forever.”

Project by Champion Builders, Inc.

Woodbury Gray granite round two-tiered fire pit. Get the details on round fire pits and see more backyard designs here.

The square fire pit joins the Swenson Granite Works’ family of Woodbury Gray granite products, making it easy to integrate into your existing landscape. “Woodbury Gray granite blends naturally with every element of your backyard, and it helps ensure that your space is cohesive and well-balanced in terms of materials,” Fernanda explains.

Project by project, you can easily build a stunning outdoor sanctuary by combining different elements with durable and beautiful granite.

A Woodbury Gray granite round two-tiered fire pit sits on an INDIANA LIMESTONE – FULL COLOR BLEND™ patio.

Read more about Fernanda’s unique perspective on what homeowners want now, and what they are going to want in the future in “Rooms Without Roofs: 5 Outdoor Living Trends for 2021.”


There are many solutions or options for fire pits but the difference with natural stone is evident. Some benefits of using natural stone include:

  • Low maintenance and minimal upkeep
  • Color will not fade from elements or cleaning
  • Naturally durable, will withstand freeze-thaw cycle
  • Backed by our lifetime warranty

“Natural stone is free of chemicals and processed materials, which are benefits of having products that come directly from the earth,” says Fernanda. “The main benefit of a granite fire pit is having a product that will stand the test of time. It’s about durability, and it is extremely easy to maintain.”

A fire pit is the centerpiece of the yard, where you can extend the amount of time you spend outdoors, and bring loved ones together right at home. If you’ve been debating about the one way to upgrade your backyard in an economical way, a granite fire pit is the solution. It’s a project you can easily tackle on the weekend, and within a few hours after bringing it home, you will have a space in your backyard that you can use every single day of the year.


Quick and easy to assemble, your fire pit project should take less than a day to complete, which means you could be cozying up next to roaring flames, s’more in one hand, beverage in the other, staring up at the stars, before nightfall.