9 Ways to Light Up Your Landscape with Granite Lamp Posts

Granite lamp posts are a great way to light up city parks, along community sidewalks or trails, and they add a touch of elegance to a variety of municipal areas. If you reside out in the country without the added glow from the city, or even in the suburbs, granite lamp posts are essential for lighting your landscape and making your home safer in an attractive way. Not only do granite lamp posts increase visibility, they’re durable, maintenance free, and will enhance the look of your property during the day and at night.

Swenson Granite Works granite lamp posts literally last a lifetime. Unlike wooden and iron lamp posts that rot and rust, granite is virtually impervious to the elements of nature, making it the ultimate choice for lamp posts.

We stock granite lamp posts in different sizes and looks for all sorts of projects at allSGW locations. We also carry attractive granite lamp caps that can top off these versatile lamp posts. There are numerous ways to light your landscape, but we’re going to show you nine featuring stock and custom options for Swenson Granite Work’s granite lamp posts.

Lamp Posts Bordering Long Driveways

Driveway lighting will create a stunning entry to your home, improve your driveway design, and highlight key features in your landscaping. If you have a long driveway, adding lamp posts will make sure that you and your guests stay on the right path. Consider the length of your driveway and the amount of light you will need when choosing your lamp posts. You may want to place a row of lights along the entire length of the driveway, or carefully select points to highlight curves or narrow edges.

Woodbury Gray granite lamp posts light the way down the long winding driveway at this timeless Maine residence.

Woodbury Gray lamp posts with optional granite caps line the driveway.


A lamp post in front of your driveway will act as a guiding light for you and your guests. Personalize your post with engraved house numbers for added curb appeal.

A Woodbury Gray granite driveway entrance lamp post engraved with house numbers.


Light the front exterior of your home with a granite lamp post near the doorway. It’s a sophisticated way to enhance your home’s entry.

A Woodbury Gray lamp post brightens this home’s front entrance.

Walkway Lighting

Illuminate the path to your garden, patio, front or back door with walkway lamp posts. These smaller posts with side-mounted light fixtures will accent your walkway and enhance the overall visual appeal of your landscaping.

Walkway lamp posts with side-mounted light fixtures light the way down a granite cobblestone path.

Lighting Up Water Features

Lamp posts near your water feature illuminate the feature itself, as well as surrounding walkways and landscaping.

Low profile Woodbury Gray granite lamp posts with optional granite caps light this water feature and walkway in the back of an assisted living facility.

Patio Entertaining Area Lighting

You don’t need to head inside for the night when the sun goes down. Light your patio entertaining area with granite lamp posts and let the conversation continue under the stars.

Patio pillar lamp posts light up this entertaining area for guests to enjoy the patio or take a nightly stroll along the manicured lawn.

The custom pillars have special order Caledonia granite caps that are tapered on all 4 sides.

Lamp Posts as Fencing

Lamp posts can be incorporated within long fences lining property boundaries and driveways. They can also be incorporated into mailbox posts as well.

Woodbury Gray granite fence and lamp posts.

Lakeside Dock Lighting

For both safety and setting the mood, granite lamp posts are ideal for lakeside dock lighting.

A lamp post lights the dock on this Maine lake. This is a great use for lighting near the dock so the boat can be seen. The lamp post also acts as lighting so that other boats don’t get too close to the shore/stone wall. What a pretty display and striking backdrop pictured here.

Special Order Lamp Posts

Custom lamp posts can be produced to your specifications in many colors of granite. We can help you realize your vision on budget, and on time.

Both of these special order lamp posts are located in coastal Scarborough, Maine, a tourist destination. The posts are tapered on 4 sides and incorporate a sandblast finish contrasted with the rustic charm of a hand-chiseled rock face finish. They are a custom 3-piece unit each, including apex caps, all in Woodbury Gray granite.


Installation: How to Handle Your Lamp Post

When installing your lamp post, it should be set down onto some sort of supporting structure, such as wooden timbers or a sturdy pipe for rolling, so that the post never leaves your hands until it is resting securely onto the supporting structure. Although impervious to weather elements, and quite sturdy once installed, granite lamp posts should never be dropped from any height, even a few inches, as the sudden jarring of the material may cause it to break at the source of the impact, due to the 1.25” diameter hole drilled through the entire 8’-0” length of the postWhen using equipment or setting the post by hand, be sure to lower it into the hole gradually and smoothly, to avoid any jolt from when the post sets into the bottom of the hole. Use nylon straps or coated chain for lifting with equipment, so as not to chip the edges on the post. Be sure to have the proper amount of people for handling the weight of your post.

Delivery Requirements

An appropriate hole must be dug for the lamp post to be installed into, with a minimum of 2’-6” deep, and 18” in diameter.

If you prefer, Swenson Granite Works will deliver and set your lamp post in the prepared hole for an additional charge.You or your contractor may run the electrical wiring through the post on the day of delivery, as the driver lowers the post into the hole with the onboard lifting crane. It is recommended that you use a short piece of conduit over the wire, at the point of entrance into the post, to protect the wire. You may also want to incorporate outdoor outlets with the lamp post wiring for use in holiday displays, music systems, power tools, etc.We advise that you contact a licensed electrician to establish the proper method of installing and shielding the wire, as per state electrical codes.