6 Uses for Granite Cobblestones, the Versatile Building Material with Old World Charm, Traction and Durability

Cobblestones have been used all over cities and towns as building material and road surfaces since the 19th century. Due to their rich history, old world charm, durability and traction, we still find use of this versatile building material for our homes.

Interestingly enough, true cobblestone roads were actually constructed of round stones, designed for horses to get a good grip. Years later, they were replaced by rectangular granite stones to give a smoother ride for carts and carriage wheels.

But aside from smoother rides, other reasons that make granite cobblestones an ideal building material include their resistance to freeze-thaw conditions, natural strength and durability — they stand the test of time. Because of their rough, hard-wearing surface, they are slip-resistant and safe to walk on in harsh weather conditions like we have here in New England.

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Let’s take a look at some common uses for this stone to inspire your next project.


Granite cobblestones are an ideal paving material for driveways because of their long-lasting quality and textured finish, which provides traction on steep surfaces. They are also commonly used for driveway aprons and driveway edging, as well as edging for planter beds in the center of the driveway.

Thousands of gray granite cobblestones make up the driveway at this estate on Fishers Island.

This driveway apron consists of 4” thick jumbo gray cobblestones. Project by Stoneworks by Jim DeSanty.

Gray granite cobblestones used for driveway apron and edging. Project by Seoane Landscape Design.

Standard granite cobblestones used as driveway edging.

Standard granite cobblestones edge the planter bed in the center of a driveway.


Not only will granite cobblestones give your landscape a manicured look with those crisp, durable edges, the separation of garden bed and lawn allows you to properly maintain both sections of your yard. Cobblestones create a strong border thick enough to ensure that you can mow your lawn without risking damage to the flower beds and plants.

Standard granite cobblestones used as planter bed edging.


Granite cobblestones keep grass out and make a crisp lawn edging for walkways, while enhancing the look of your property. The combination of bluestone pavers and granite cobblestone borders in these walkways below lend a rustic yet elegant appearance to the entryways.

Gray cobblestone walkway. Project by Stoneworks by Jim DeSanty.

Full color pattern bluestone pavers and gray granite cobblestones were used for this walkway leading up to Woodbury Gray granite custom radius rock face steps. Project by Babin Landscaping.

A full color pattern bluestone paver walkway with gray granite cobblestones used as edging.


You can create a lovely, quaint patio with granite cobblestones. They can also be integrated into your patio with other natural stone to add texture and flair to the design. Here you will find some things to keep in mind when choosing the type of natural stone for your patio area.

Just like with driveways, cobblestones make an ideal material for high-traffic areas such as patios because of their textured finish.

Standard granite cobbles provide an attractive separating border between these antique granite and full color bluestone patio areas.

Granite cobblestones were integrated into the patio around this Boston blend mosaic thin veneer fire pit with a Woodbury Gray granite top. Project by Northern Lights Landscaping.

6” x 6” x 3” thick classic half size cobblestones and a few worked cobblestones form a patio around this fire bowl. Project by Northern Lights Landscaping.


No other material lends a more classic look to your home exterior than cobblestone. You can add a bit of old world charm with cobblestones around your door or window archway, just like the lake house pictured below.

Find more on ways to upgrade your home’s exterior with stone veneer and granite here.

Woodbury Gray granite sills, headers, header supports, and Tumbled Gray Cobblestone window archway on the exterior of this Lake Winnipesaukee home. Project by Fenton Varney Master Builders.

Tumbled Gray Cobblestone around the door.


A water feature can add life to your landscape and act as a focal point in your outdoor living space. With granite cobblestones, you can create unique water features, such as the one pictured below. Natural stone edging connects water with the surrounding environment in a beautiful way. It gives a clean and maintained appearance to any design.

Landscape cobblestones used to edge this water feature.