11 Rustic Fence Designs with Granite Posts For Country Charm and City Style

From country meadows to city streets, granite posts are a durable design element that gives style and definition to homes and businesses, with no maintenance needed.

Whether around the pool, along a property line, as a gateway, or for horse paddocks and riding rings, granite posts can enhance your rustic setting. They can also serve as a way to protect driveway and lawn boundaries from vehicle traffic, or be incorporated within stone walls as end posts and decorative touches. Granite posts and fencing work in a variety of designs, from a simple straight line, rounding a curve, or even on a steep grade, and there’s a type and finish to match any city or country application.

Swenson Granite Works granite posts literally last a lifetime. Unlike vinyl, wood, chain link and metal, granite is virtually impervious to the elements of nature, making it the ultimate choice for fence posts.

Our cut granite fence posts are stocked in Woodbury Gray, plus six other granite colors are available by special order: Autumn Pink, Caledonia, Deer Isle, Bethel White, Concord Gray, and Cambrian Black.

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A Woodbury Gray granite hitching post with a wrought iron ring.

There are many types of materials to consider attaching to granite posts for fencing. Some designs are aesthetic choices, while others are utilitarian. It’s completely up to you based on your needs and wants. For example, a post with an iron ring epoxied into it is typically meant for decoration, yet we do get a percentage of requests for them to be used to hitch a horse, as well as other tough duty applications. 

You may want to seek the advice of a contractor, such as a fence installer, landscaper, builder, or mason, as part of the planning process to ensure that all variables are accounted for. Everything from soil quality, to ledge formations, topography, and even the characteristics that are unique to each geographical region come into play when planning a fence project.

A typical fence line allows for eight to ten feet of space between posts. We advise you to test the ground for hidden obstacles, such as rocks, boulders, and ledge. We also recommend you check with your town to be sure of property setbacks and any other environmental issues before you dig. 

Swenson Granite does offer delivery and limited installation options. Our management team is happy to assist you with your unique project. 

When you’re ready to start your project, visit any of the SGW retail locations for information and to obtain a list of local contractors that can assist you. 

For now, take a look at these fence designs with granite posts to get your wheels turning and get you inspired.



Woodbury Gray granite hitching posts with wrought iron rings and chain line the driveway for a defined boundary. The posts are thermal on two sides and split face on the opposite.


The Woodbury Gray granite posts that line this driveway are thermal on two sides and split face on the others. The rings are placed on top of the posts, rather than on the sides, giving a unique appearance. The braided rope gives this fence a classic old world look.



Woodbury Gray granite hitching posts with wrought iron rings line this property. 


The Caledonia granite fence posts on this property are thermal on two sides and rock face on two sides. The railings are wooden with wrought iron brackets. 


The Caledonia granite posts and chain links create a gateway into the property.



Woodbury Gray granite fence posts curve around this peaceful pond situated on a picturesque landscape. The posts are rock face on two sides and thermal on two sides.


Woodbury Gray granite posts, wooden railings, and wrought iron brackets create a fence that meets with a stone wall along this still pond. 



Surrounding the entrance of this building are custom-ordered Woodbury Gray hitching posts with domed tops and sandblast surfaces.


These special order apex posts are used as a decorative boundary in a public space in Scarborough, Maine.



This historic site has Woodbury Gray granite hitching posts, thermal on two sides and rock face on two sides.


This is a memorial garden with Woodbury Gray granite hitching posts, thermal on two sides and rock face on two sides.


Whether you want a country look at home or a manicured city business address, granite posts can give your property timeless beauty and enhance curb appeal.

Our granite post spec sheet will give you options for stone types, colors, sizes, weights, finishes, styles, hardware, and engraving. Download it here.