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The facts about radon

Recent media reports have called into question the safety of granite countertops. Fueled by the manufacturers of competing synthetic products, these misleading and inaccurate reports have made granite and radon a confusing and emotional issue for consumers, many of whom are now concerned about installing granite countertops in their homes or are worried about the countertops they already have. The scope of these concerns is unfounded.

In fact, noted authorities on granite, radon and risk recently confirmed what independent scientific studies conducted over the years have found: granite countertops are not known to pose a health risk to consumers.

White Paper: Natural Stone Countertops and Radon

Natural stone is a popular choice for countertops in homes throughout the United States. These surfaces are typically referred to as “granite” but in fact can consist of a variety of stone types that includes actual granite and marble. Regardless of the specific type, all natural stones used as countertops are composed of several major minerals and numerous minor constituents. Radium is one of the minor components of some countertops made from natural stone.

In considering the public’s health, we ask an important question - how much do natural stone countertops contribute to the amount of radon inside U.S. homes in comparison to those benchmarks? The answer is very little, according to the best scientific evidence that is available at this time.

The objective of this white paper is to explain why this is the case and to demonstrate this conclusion with three robust yet simple examples that cover a range of realistic household conditions.

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The Truth about Granite and Radon/Radiation

To help you better understand the truth about granite, radon, radioactivity and natural stone, the Marble Institute of America has produced a brochure and a short video:

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Step Installation Video

Video: The Truth about Granite and Radon/Radiation


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