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Granite Colors

We are pleased to offer a wide variety of granite types. All of these granites offer unique mixtures of color and graining within the stone, and allow you to customize your project to the fullest potential.

The color samples below are shown in two finishes, polish and thermal, which demonstrate how the type of finish impacts color. To view all the types of finishes we offer, click here.

Samples of all of our colors are available at all Swenson Granite Works' store locations. We encourage you to view the colors in person before purchasing.


Woodbury Gray

Salt and Pepper gray granite, tight grain, consistent color.


Concord Gray

Light gray, with some small brown flecking, tight grain, consistent color.


Bethel White

A pure white granite with black flecking, medium grain.



A coarse-grain granite, combining black, brown, green and some pink and white flecking, to create a darker look.


Autumn Pink

A deep pink, medium-grain granite highlighted with bluish-black flecking.




Deer Isle

Four lively colors combine to create a violet color, utilizing coarse grains of black, white, tan and pink.


Black Diamond

A rich black color, highlighted with quartz flecking, provides a complimentary contrast within this coarse-grain granite.


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