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What are your store hours?

April through November, our hours are 7:30 A.M. to 4:30 P.M. Monday through Friday, 8:00 A.M. to NOON on Saturday. December through March, our hours are 8:00 A.M. to 4:00 P.M. Monday through Friday.

Where are your stores located?

We have retail locations in Concord and Amherst NH, Westbrook ME, Medway, Rowley and Hanover MA and Newtown CT. For full contact information (address, phone, fax and email) for all of our stores, click here.

What colors of granite do you offer?

Woodbury Gray: Salt and Pepper gray granite, tight grain, consistent color.

Swenson Gray: Light gray, with some small brown flecking, tight grain, consistent color.

Bethel White: A pure white granite with black flecking, medium grain.

Caledonia: A coarse-grain granite, combining black, brown, green and some pink and white flecking, to create a darker look.

Autumn Pink: A deep pink, medium-grain granite highlighted with bluish-black flecking.

Deer Isle: Four lively colors combine to create a violet color, utilizing coarse grains of black, white, tan and pink.

Black Diamond: A rich black color, highlighted with quartz flecking, provides a complimentary contrast within this coarse-grain granite.

To see examples of these colors, click here.

Do you offer delivery services?

We deliver with our own ten-wheel flatbed trucks to Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, Massachusetts, Connecticut, Rhode Island, and some parts of New Jersey and New York. We also ship by independent carrier all over the country. Our delivery costs are based on time and type of material, which varies from project to project. To contact your nearest Swenson Granite Works retail location for cost information, click here.

Do you offer material installation?

We install sets of steps in front of the door(s) of your home, on a properly prepared pad area that you would have prepared, though we do not install steps into any grade or embankment.

We also install mailbox and lamp posts into pre-dug holes, of appropriate depth and diameter. Please check with any sales associate at your nearest Granite Works retail location for further delivery information, including space requirements and equipment specifications.

To contact your nearest Swenson Granite Works retail location, click here.

Should I prepare a gravel pad or a concrete pad area for the steps to be set on?

A 6" thick level concrete pad, on top of a properly compacted gravel base is the best pad preparation. A gravel pad is certainly adequate for most of the step set applications, though some larger sets should be installed on a concrete pad.

How do I prepare a gravel or a concrete pad area?

Click here for downloadable instructional sheets explaining how to properly prepare your site. The better your preparation, the less problems you will have with the ground heaving due to freeze/thaw cycles.

What information do I need to know for you to quote pricing on a set of steps?

We will need the height from the top of the door threshold to the ground (pad area), then the width of your door, including any sidelights, trim, etc. We can then determine if your set of steps falls within our range of stock sizes (most do), or if we would need to custom produce a set of steps for you.

How far can the crane on your truck reach?

Our cranes can reach an average of 15-20 feet from the truck, with some of the trucks reaching beyond this length. Every jobsite is different, with varying factors to consider (e.g. trees, septic systems, walkways, etc.) that will affect the reach of any of our cranes. Please contact any Granite Works associate to discuss particulars.

Can someone come to my house to measure for my project?

Our retail locations are not staffed to allow for a field estimator, but our Granite Works associates will work with you via telephone, email, fax, and in-person at one of our Granite Works locations to make sure you understand exactly what is needed for your project.

What is the longest/widest step that you can produce?

We routinely produce platforms that are l2'-0" long and 5'-0" wide, and can produce much larger sizes to meet your project needs.

What is the difference between Split Face and Rock Face finishes?

Split Face is produced by applying hydraulic pressure to the top and bottom of a slab simultaneously, producing a natural grain split.

Rock Face is a heavy relief along the vertical face, produced by using a hammer and chisel to chip away granite from the top and bottom edges along the front and ends of the step. This vertical face will protrude out, creating a ridge of granite along the edges.

To view all of the finishes available, click here.

How long does it take to produce a special order?

Production time will vary with the season, and will also depend on the size and complexity of the project as well. Please contact your nearest Granite Works location for current production time frame.

Do you carry mailbox posts and lamp posts in stock?

Yes, we carry two different styles of mailbox posts and four sizes of lamp posts in stock at all times. (To view these posts, click here.) Consult any Granite Works associate for availability and pricing. Pricing can also be found in our price list, either printed or online.

Can I install a mailbox post or a lamp post myself?

Yes you can, and we recommend you have the appropriate amount of help and equipment when you undertake this task. Our posts weigh between 350 and 450 pounds, and must be handled with care to ensure safety and minimize breakage. Our lamp posts are drilled through the entire length, and should not be dropped from any height.

What dimensions should the hole be for the posts?

For the mailbox post, you need to dig a hole 30" deep, and minimum 12" diameter. Keep in mind, if you have curbing that is above the street level, you will need to add this height to the depth of the hole. Please check with your Post Office to find what their regulations are on mailbox height, and proximity to the road and adjust accordingly. For the lamp post, you will need to dig a hole 30" deep, and minimum 12" diameter. Before starting any digging projects, state law requires that you contact Dig Safe, 1-888-344-7233 (888-dig-safe).

Do I need to put concrete into the hole?

It is not necessary to pour concrete into the hole in most applications, and we actually encourage you to compact good gravel back into the hole around the post, as it will allow for more flexibility during freeze/thaw cycles. Individual situations do differ, and you should consult any Granite Works associate regarding your project.

How much does granite weigh?

Woodbury Gray granite weighs approximately 165 pounds per cubic foot. Other colors will vary slightly, depending on the density of the granite.

Do you produce kitchen countertops?

We have a network of people we can refer you to - just contact us - we would be happy to assist you.

How much will a pallet of stone cover?

This depends on the application, the type of stone, and the individual project requirements. Please contact any Granite Works associate, and they will gladly guide you through the process, so you get the right material in the right amount.

How do I find out what types of material you stock in any of your stores?

You can obtain a price list online (see links on right side of page), or we can send you one via U.S. Postal Mail. Our price list outlines the variety of granite and stone products that we stock on a regular basis in all of our yards. Please contact any Granite Works associate for availability of any of the products listed. To contact your nearest Swenson Granite Works retail location for cost information, click here.

How do I learn how to install stone walls, walkways, patios, etc.?

All of our locations have sheets, patterns and instructional books to assist you with all of your projects. Simply ask any Granite Works associate, and they will furnish this information to you, and answer any questions.

Do you quarry and fabricate your own granite?

Yes, we operate several granite quarries, and our state-of-the-art production facility in Barre, Vermont utilizes new technology and old-world craftsmanship to produce to your specifications. Watch our Production Video on You Tube to see the full process.

Do I need to seal, clean or maintain the granite?

You should never seal a thermal or rough finish on your granite, as it will compromise the texture, potentially making it slippery, and making it more difficult to keep clean. You can and should seal polished top Granite, as in a counter top application. Granite will weather beautifully over the years, and if set in a shady or damp spot, this process will be accelerated. Surface dirt can be removed with a stiff scrub brush and soapy water. If there is a grease or oil stain, do not try to clean it until you contact any Granite Works associate. They can guide you through the cleaning process, and avoid any greater damage.

Is granite expensive?

Because of the permanence of granite, many people assume that granite is expensive. In reality, because we control the manufacturing process from quarry to finished product, we are able to keep our prices affordable, while ensuring the highest quality. We are constantly striving to improve quarrying and production methods, to achieve greater efficiency, and reduce costs.

Can I download a price list and brochure?

Yes, you can download the Price List and/or brochure on the right side of this page.

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