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Granite Bench

Our wrought iron and aluminum accessories provide the perfect finishing touch to any of your granite products.

Our stores also carry a variety of stone cutting tools to help you get the job done. In addition to the stone cutting tools listed listed below, we stock a good assortment of lifting straps, tie-downs and protective corners, as well as cleaning and sealing products to care for your granite.

Please ask your sales associate for more details about all of our accessories and tools. Prices for all accessories are available in our 2016 Price List (download on right).

Wrought Iron and Aluminum Accessories

All accessories have long-lasting black powdercoat paint applied to them.

Single-scroll mailbox bracket (standard on stock mailbox posts)
Double-scroll mailbox bracket
Mail and paper box bracket, single scroll
Mail and paper box bracket, double scroll
Round newspaper tube
Aluminum mailbox bracket
Square aluminum newspaper box
Mailbox bracket, ā€œLā€ shape
Double Mailbox Bracket (fit two boxes side-by-side)
Mailbox Kit (includes box, mounting plate and hardware)
AZEK Mailbox Bracket
AZEK Mailbox Bracket w/newspaper box
AZEK Mailbox post cap
Hitching ring
Hitching ring (stem only)
Fence rail hanger (for 4 x 4 railing) - Available in Aluminum and Wrought Iron
Stockade/picket fence hanger
Boot scraper
Sign Bracket (small)
Sign Bracket (large)
Plant Hanger (single arm)
Plant Hanger (double arm)

Stone Cutting Tools

7/8" hand point (carbide and steel)
Heavy hand point (carbide only)
2" hand set (carbide and steel)
2" offset hand set (carbide and steel)
2" tracer (carbide and steel)
2" Heavy Tracer (carbide only)
16 oz. Bush Hammer (carbide only)
3 lb. Striking hammer (steel only)
3/8" wedge & shim set (steel only)
1/2" wedge & shim set (steel only)
5/8" wedge & shim set (steel only)
3/4" wedge & shim set (steel only)
4" diamond blade
7" economy diamond blade
7" diamond blade
10" diamond blade
12" diamond blade
14" economy diamond blade
14" diamond blade
4" diamond cup grinder
7" masonry blade
Heeled Pinch Bar
Ultra Light Double End Bar
Offset Pinch Bar

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